Carbon Management & Energy Efficiency

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as well as other greenhouse gases has become not only the prime focus of environmental action in recent years but it is creating a drive and industry in itself to reduce the effect on the planet’s climate. Reduction of carbon emissions is effectively achieved through better management of energy use including:

Sim Energy Ltd has expert experience in these areas and are focussed on achieving those measures which have the fastest payback before more experimental or undeveloped techniques are used. Our approach to effective carbon management is to:

1.Obtain, calculate or model the appropriate Information so that actions can be executed in the most resource-efficient way.
2.From this Information create the most appropriate Leadership package whether that be a comprehensive carbon strategy to a simple action plan.
3.The Leadership package should drive the Activity and Culture:
Activity – identification, development and implementation of investment plans, improved operation and maintenance strategies and monitoring and targeting techniques
Culture – “measurement” of the Culture leading to behavioural change activities including training, events, media and actions to influence people.

Our Services

Our services include, among others , include the following packages:

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