Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports


DEC's are energy efficiency certificates for buildings based on actual energy use throughout a one year period. They are similar in nature to the energy efficiency ratings of domestic white goods. They are currently a mandatory requirement for buildings that are:

The responsibility of acquiring a DEC is the occupier and not necessarily the owner or landlord if the are letting the building. DEC's are accompanied by Advisory Reports which give outline information on what the occupier might consider doing to improve their rating.

Sim Energy are licenced assessors for DEC's and Advisory Reports although we believe that a DEC alone is unlikely to actually be beneficial in changing behaviours significantly enough to influence energy use. We would further recommend a more intense energy survey (click this link for Performance Improvement - Carbon Management).

From March 2009 all buildings described in the above criteria must be display a DEC and be in possession of an Advisory Report. DEC's must also be renewed annually and Advisory Reports on a 5-year cycle. 
We are willing to offer special deals for delivery of single or multiple DEC's as well as discounts when incorporated with other energy or environmental services.