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Building Log Books

From CIBSE TM31: 2006

Ideally, buildings should be designed so that their operation is self-evident. In practice, this is very difficult to achieve and, as with any complex device, an overview of the fundamental principles behind the design will greatly facilitate operation and maintenance. Log books aim to solve a number of problems in the buildings industry:

Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales4 contains a requirement for provision of the summary information contained in a log book for new buildings, major refurbishments and buildings where significant changes have been made to the building services. In Scotland the Building (Scotland) Regulations.

Log books provide a means for the owner/occupier/facilities manager to track energy performance and improvements throughout the buildings life. There is a fundemental risk that much of the buiding operation knowledge is stored in the memories of staff responsible for maintaining and operating it in a volatile format. By formulating a log book, the building operation is summarised and relevant documents easily referred to in order that the building performance does not suffer through loss of operational knowledge.


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