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At Sim Energy, we realise that the many energy solutions may gradually degrade or fail completely once the attention has been diverted away from the solution. Often this begins once the consultant/contractor has completed and left the job. We believe that the most effective solutions deliver the maximum impact AND last through the life of the solution or asset.

The means to achieve this long-term effectiveness is through embedding the solution at the right levels within the client company and ensuring that proper integration into the company is completed.
We believe this is best achieved through the following processes:

  1. Consultation with the relevant stakeholders not just those people who consider themselves important
  2. Understand what the problem is rather than just approach with an off-the-shelf solution
  3. Ensure the design of the solution is agreed by all who will be involved in implementing it and maintaining it
  4. Ensure the solution addresses the problem and does not bring its own set of problems with it
  5. Ensure that the final supplier of the solution provides an aftercare service of a customer-preferable duration
  6. Implementing measures to monitor performance improvement and inform the client when a system is failing to achieve its objectives
  7. Publicising and case studying all successful solutions 
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